Our Story

HelloBOWSERS! started as a blog; something to keep me busy during my maternity leave with my son. I had a baby that slept a lot which equaled hours alone with my thoughts, ideas and Pinterest. These ideas swiftly turned into tangible items and not long after, an audience.

The day I clicked 'publish' on a post featuring a teepee bed I made for my son, the world outside my sleepy little city took notice. Overnight, I was getting questions, requests, praise from all over, from people who wanted to follow my tutorial and do the same. The pictures started flooding in of teepee beds in various states of completion that people were building for their little ones. The feeling that I made this happen, became addictive. This is what I want to do. This is how I want to feel over and over again.

Now that I had traffic to my blog, followers and a subscribe list, I was getting requests, questions and casual orders on other little crafts I was making.  "Why aren't you selling these" and "I wish I was crafty like you" were two statements that constantly tugged at something inside me.

I need to open a shop.

So here we are; 2 graphic designers with 2 small children and a little store of handmade items. The things we create aren't elaborate or even inventive. They are made to order in our home where imperfections are celebrated; seriously, if you saw our process, our garage, even our dining table you would wonder how we were able to make anything; but each item is personal and made just for you. So if you're here and reading this, you must see something you like and we want you to have it! 

—  Sarah & Andrew